S.C. County Imposes Strict Guidelines for Adult Store Signs

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. – There are no adult stores in Chester County, but should one open, it will have to abide by a rigid set of guidelines for any signage it wants to display, according to The Herald.

The county planning commission recently approved the guidelines after being approached several months ago by people expressing an interest in opening an adult establishment.

"We didn't have any signs permit for SOBs, which is sexually-oriented businesses," Chester County planning director Mack Paul told The Herald. "You could basically put up something shaped like a woman or whatever."

The rules in question state that a store's primary signs:

• May not have flashing lights, exceed 20 square feet in area or 10 feet in height;

• Must be flat and rectangular;

• May not contain "photographs, silhouettes, drawings or pictorial representations of any manner;"

• May contain the name of the business and/or one or more of these phrases: Adult Bookstore, Adult Movie Theater, Adult Cabaret, Adult Entertainment and Adult Model Studio; adult movie theaters' signs may contain the additional phrase "Movie Titles Posted on Premises;" and

• All letters on a sign must have the same color, size and font. A secondary sign — a flat, rectangular sign connected to a wall or door — may not be more than five feet in height and 10 square feet in area.

The ordinance containing these guidelines still needs to be approved by the Chester County Council, but as county supervisor Carlisle Roddey put it, if the council doesn't pass it, "It would knock me down. I'll guarantee you that we will be wholeheartedly in support of them [the planning commission]."