Robert Rosenberg Gets Probation on Drug Charge

PRAGUE — Czech porn performer Robert Rosenberg was sentenced Tuesday to one year probation for cocaine possession by a Prague District Court, according to Czech news outlet aktuálně.cz.

Rosenberg originally faced charges of human trafficking, illegal drug possession and production, knowingly spreading a sexually transmitted disease and procuring prostitution. He was arrested, along with his wife, ┼Żaneta, and manager, Martin Patzel, in October 2007, then released the following March on a bail of 600,000 koruny (about $37,260). He has steadfastly denied the drug charges all along.

Upon his release from prison, aktuálně.cz reported, Rosenberg said, "It [the amount of cocaine found on him] was only for my personal need. It was a very small amount. I cannot really say whether it was 'an amount smaller than small' [the definition by Czech law of an amount that would clear him of the charges] but it was really very small."

The charge against Rosenberg of knowingly spreading a sexually transmitted disease was dropped. It had been alleged that he had performed in a movie without a condom despite being aware that he was infected with Chlamydia. Perhaps ironically, it was Rosenberg who alerted the industry and the media last summer to the syphilis outbreak amongst the Czech adult talent pool due to some submitting false tests.   

The prostitution charge surrounded Rosenberg's housemaid, who filed a complaint against him and his wife saying they had demanded she perform in one of their movies as payment for allegedly robbing their home. The court ruled yesterday that the maid's testimony was untrustworthy.

Rosenberg's wife was released in January of this year, and his manager after just a month in custody. They all faced up to 10 years in prison if found guilty on all charges.