Report: Tory Lane Must Pay Flight Attendant $123,825

AVN Hall of Famer Tory Lane must pay more than $123,000 to a Delta Airlines flight attendant she punched in the face during a bizarre air-rage incident, according to a report by LA West Media. A judge awarded the default judgment to flight attendant Jill Buice, who said in her lawsuit that she was forced to miss numerous work days and can no longer chew food without pain due to the assault by Lane on February 18, 2015, on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

The incident began, according to the lawsuit, when Lane for some reason started screaming at two young girls seated next to her on the flight. When Buice and another flight attendant attempted to calm Lane down, the star became agitated, flailing her arms violently and screaming profanities.

The flight attendants finally succeeded in calming Lane—or so it seemed. When Buice attempted to shake hands with Lane to end the incident, Lane dug her nails into Buice’s hand then "balled her right hand into a fist (and) violently swung the combined hands upwards, striking (Buice) on the right side of her face,” according to the Patch news site

Lane’s air rage rampage continued until the end of the flight when Los Angeles police escorted her off the plane and detained her.

In the lawsuit, Buice said that her life has been extremely difficult since the assault by Lane. Buice stated that she suffered deep lacerations, bruising, an injury to her jaw and psychological trauma.

"In the aftermath of Feb. 18, 2015, I have experienced tremendous negative impact in many facets of my life that include my work, my family and my overall wellness," Buice, who lives in Georgia, said in her sworn statement. "On the job, I have had frequent flashbacks of the assault, some unbearable, that result in great sadness, emotional pain and anger."

Buice initially filed the suit in August of 2016, seeking $500,000 from Lane, according to City News Service

In March, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marc Gross said that $500,000 in damages was “excessive,” according to My News LA. The judge required Buice to document Lane’s net worth before bringing a new motion for a default judgement. On August 8, Gross granted the judgement for the reduced amount.

Photo by Chris King / @ReelSeduction