Quick2257 App Now Available for On-The-Go Recordkeeping

CYBERSPACE—As everyone knows, the federal recordkeeping and labeling law, 18 U.S.C. §2257, is still in effect, even as it continues to be challenged in the courts, with an appeal about to be filed of Judge Michael Baylson's ruling following the trial of the case. So it probably behooves adult producers to continue keeping 2257 records—and First Amendment attorney Lawrence G. Walters has come up with an application for iPhones and iPads—arguably the most common forms of computer in the industry—that will make that job a whole lot easier—and with an introductory price of  99 cents, the app itself couldn't be cheaper.

"The potential for a device allowing creation of compliant 2257 records has interested me for years, but the technology just wasn’t available until recent advances in mobile application technology," Walters told AVN. "Website operators, webcam models, escorts and other performers have struggled for years with various ways to create and submit 2257 records and associated IDs to the designated records custodian, using a variety of inconsistent platforms, networks, and compliance approaches.  This application is intended to solve that problem."

Among the tasks the app allows a producer or his/her assistant to do are:

• Create a form containing the performer’s legal name, stage name, and/or aliases
• Record the date of original production of the depiction
• Identify the title of the work associated with the depiction
• Capture the front and back of the performer’s picture ID card using the device's camera
• Sign and verify the accuracy of the information using the touch screen
• Compile all information into a convenient .pdf file; and,
• Send the 2257 records file to the records custodian using the mobile device’s email function

As the application's website notes, "Recently, individuals with little legal training are required to create 2257 records in a specific format required by federal law. Quick2257 now allows anyone with an iPhone or iPad to create the necessary performer records, and transmit them to the records custodian, in a matter of minutes."

"The app allows the user to submit the necessary 2257 information, and guides the user through the process with optional explanations for new users," Walters said. "My philosophy in representing adult entertainment clients has always been that legal advice must be combined with related technology, to provide the most effective tools and solutions to modern legal problems encountered by the industry. That’s why we have permitted our clients to use the patented BirthDateVerifier, the DMCANotice.com device, and various other technological aids to make routine legal compliance easier...  Our hope is that both our clients and others in the industry will find this app both simple and effective as a means of compliance with Section 2257, which can sometimes be intimidating for both performers and website operators."

Walters said his development team is working on adapting the app for Android users "so that all mobile users will have access to the device." 

"Getting the app approved by the Apple iTunes Store was the most important initial step, given Apple’s suspicion of anything erotic in nature," Walters noted, half injest. "But now that Quick2257 has been approved in iTunes, we’re moving on to the Android version, which will not be subject to the same rigorous vetting process."

So all you producers who want to get up to speed on the latest compliance software, click on over to Quick2257.com and give it a whirl.