Public Seeks Revision of Jakarta Pornography Bill

JAKARTA - Protestors gathered Thursday in Indonesian capital Jakarta to discuss the revised draft of the Pornography Bill currently being pushed through legislation by the country's government.

Organized by the State Ministry for Women's Empowerment, the assembly saw women's rights activists speak out against the bill, which was introduced in 2006 and, according to The Jakarta Post, "allows pornography in art shows, religious ceremonies and education." Its opponents feel the bill would "trigger cultural degradation" and "legalize the repression of women."

"I wish to express my rejection of such a low and discriminating regulation, which proves nothing but the narrow-mindedness of the members of the House of Representatives," said high-profile artist and activist Ratna Sarumpaet. "This 20-page long document discriminates against women."

Ministry leader Meutia Hatta agreed that the bill was "far from serving its purpose," and requested that public figures submit written input on the topic, especially in regard to formulating an explicit definition of "pornography," which the current draft does not provide.