President Rocco Siffredi? Hey, It Could Happen!

ROME, Italy—Somehow, it doesn't seem that strange that, after experiencing former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his "bunga-bunga" exploits, some members of the Italian Parliament want to pick Rocco Siffredi to become the country's next president.

As AVN readers undoubtedly know, Italy, whose economy is fast going the way of Greece and Portugal, is having a little trouble settling on a president, what with the current popular leader, ex-communist Giorgio Napolitano, having come to the end of his seven-year term. Parliamentary power is largely divided between four political parties, none of which have been able to gather enough votes from the other parties to push any one candidate over the top.

In fact, a majority of the delegates simply cast blank ballots during the last go-round yesterday, but some were decidedly creative, and among those nominees were internationally-known adult movie actor/director Rocco Siffredi, busty 79-year-old actress Sophia Loren, and even former football star Roberto Mancini, who now manages the Manchester City team.

Sadly, however, neither Siffredi nor Mancini are eligible for the job: They'd have to be 50 years old, and both of them are two years shy of that requirement.

But Siffredi's nomination did inspire the International Business Times to reflect on the other adult performers who've run for office, including Mary Carey's unsuccessful run for the California governorship—she came in 10th in the election!—Marilyn Chambers, who apparently ran for vice-president of the U.S. in 2008 on the libertarian-ish Personal Choice Party ticket; Stormy Daniels, who dropped out of the race to become the Honorable Senator from Louisiana in 2010; Mimi Miyagi, who tried for the Nevada governorship in 2006; and even classic adult film star Sonny Landham, who made it as far as the primaries for Governor of Kentucky in 2003, and for Senator in 2008, both of which were unsuccessful.

Across the pond, there was Ilona Staller, better known to porn fans as Ciccolina, who served in the Italian Parliament from 1987 to 1991; Milly D'Abbraccio, who in 2008 ran for a seat on Rome's City Council with the stated objective of creating a "Love City" (she lost, of course); and Goeran Eurenius, who won election as a councilor in Haerryda, Sweden, in 1998—and was discovered to be moonlighting as a porn star, which greatly upset the feminist anti-porn Leftist Party which elected him.

But hey, who wouldn't seriously consider John Stagliano or Dan O'Connell or Larry Flynt for president?