Portland Strip Club Goes To Drive-Thru During COVID-19 Shutdown

LOS ANGELES—As strippers and other adult performers have taken their talents online in an effort to bring in revenue during the ongoing coronavirus shutdowns, one strip club in Oregon has figure out a way to offer love performances without violating the restrictions, or social distancing guidelines.

The Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon, was forced to shutter on March 16, as the state imposed business closures and stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of the pandemic. The shutdown left the club’s performers out of work, and thanks to restrictions on “adult” businesses’ ability to apply for federal assistance, the venue and its dancers were left stranded with no income and little government support.

“When I woke up and heard that our shift that night was going to be the last one, it was absolutely terrifying,” dancer Brodie told the site The Cut. “I was inconsolable. I was like, ‘What the hell am I going to do?’” 

But Lucky Devil Lounge owner Shon Boulden quickly got creative. He converted the club’s kitchen into a take-out food delivery service, which is permitted under the shutdown rules, and hired his dancers to deliver customer orders, showing up bearing meals — topless, except for a pair of “pasty” nipple coverings.

“We try and bring a little party during every delivery to you,” said Zuli, anther dancer-turned-delivery-person at the club. “All the security guards turned into drivers, and they walk us up to the house, and all the dancers will be shaking our tits and shaking our butts. It’s all about energy.”  

Now Boulden has expanded his take-out service with what he calls a “Food to Go-Go” experience. Set up in a tent in the strip club’s parking lot, customers can drive through and linger for the length of one song spun by a DJ, while watching dancers perform their routines on poles separated a safe distance apart.

Performers also wear masks and gloves as they dance, and are subject to temperature checks as well.

“The dancers are making money. Everyone that comes through is super stoked and videotaping and throwing money and just being super cool,” Boulden told The New York Post. “It’s exciting when there’s a carload of people happy to see these girls dance.”

The Food-To-Go-Go service costs patrons an extra $30 on top of the cost of their take-out dinner order, which is handed to them by a dancer as well. During less busy hours, customers are encouraged to stay for an second dance, in exchange for an additional tip.

Photo By YourToxicAddiction Instagram