Portland Approves Seizure of Assets from Johns, Pimps

PORTLAND, Ore.—Oregon may be a generally enlightened state, sexually speaking, but the Portland City Council just put a damper on extracurricular sexual activities that involve the exchange of money for … well, sex.

Following a unanimous vote Wednesday by the Council, from now on what many are calling sex trafficking—but which used to be called the world’s oldest profession—will be subject to asset seizures similar to those used in drug cases.

In its current iteration, any seized items used in prostitution crimes, such as cell phones, cars, computers and cash, will be directed toward funds for sex trafficking victims. The new revenue stream will be applied against pimps and johns only, and not sex workers, with 75 percent of the proceeds going to fund victim services, and the rest to law enforcement to use in the fight against “trafficking.”

“Women are becoming victims of trafficking at an alarming rate,” said Commissioner Dan Saltzman. “We’re going to be more aggressive in our enforcement. We expect to be making more arrests of pimps and johns.”

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman told KPTV.com that taking cash from pimps and johns will "cripple their operations by taking the tools they use to exploit children and women."

No comment yet from johns or pimps.