Police Say Online Dating led to Extortion Attempts

CYBERSPACE—Married fans of online dating beware; people are looking to set you up as you attempt to engage in your matrimonially unauthorized sexual assignations. Well, one guy was anyway and he’s been arrested, but who’s to say there aren’t copy cats out there interested in following in his creative footsteps?

According to CTV, local cops in Halton, Canada, say a man posing as women on a number of dating sites attempted to extort the men he “hooked up” with by threatening to expose them on social networking sites or send incriminating information directly to family, friends or employers unless monetary demands were met..

Police say the suspect, Kevin Fletcher, 43, of Burlington, Ont., would engage his victims, gather emails, chats, texts and voice mail messages during online interactions with them, and use that material as the basis for his extortion attempts. He faces eight counts of extortion and one of criminal harassment.

This scheme has to fill married men who buy into 'life is short, have an affair' with a sort of existential dread. After all, if you can’t trust the anonymous person at the other end of an online dating site, who can you trust?