Pineapple Support to Host Suicide Prevention Training Day in LA

LOS ANGELES—For adult performers, being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit, so the group Pineapple Support will sponsoring a free suicide prevention training day in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, March 24. The event is aimed at helping agents, performers and producers better cope with crisis situations.

“We all need to know the warning signs for suicide, and how to prevent it,” said Leya Tanit, founder and President of Pineapple Support. “While mental resources are important, not everyone seeks help on their own. The training day will give people the skills they need to help make that crucial difference. Performers, agents and producers are in a position to save lives.”

Pineapple Support’s Suicide Prevention Day will begin at 11 AM in Tarzana.

Speakers on the day will include:

* Amanda Clemens, discussing suicide prevention and crisis intervention.
* Hernando Chaves, discussing self-care and self-esteem
* Leya Tanit, giving an overview of Pineapple Support and the services it provides

“Education and knowledge is the key to preventing self-harm,” Tanit stated. “I invite anyone who routinely deals with performers, from directors to make-up artists to bookers, to come for this free training. Together, we can build a net to help those who may be slipping.”

Limited spaces are available. Please [email protected] for more information.