PASS Launches Studio Certification Program

LOS ANGELES—PASS, the nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and safety of adult industry workers, has launched a new Studio Certification Program to help performers better navigate the increasingly complex production landscape.

The certification program aims to improve industry communication and coordination by asking certified studios to adhere to clear and consistent standards for safe production. Major industry conglomerates Aylo and Gamma Films Group immediately announced their intention to participate in the program.

In order to be PASS Certified, each production company will need to agree to the following commitments:

• Adhere to PASS testing guidelines
• Comply with production holds
• Maintain updated contact information with PASS, and make a good faith effort to attend semi-annual meetings and town halls
• Participate in orientation about testing guidance, verification and production hold procedures

Active participants will be listed on PASS’s website and will be granted permission to use PASS branding to indicate their involvement. There is no financial commitment to participate in the program. 

“The goal of the Studio Certification Program is to improve communication and coordination on matters of health and safety across the industry,” PASS executive director Ian O’Brien said. “There is nothing extraordinary about the program requirements themselves. In most cases, we are not asking studios to do much more than most are currently doing. This is about being transparent with expectations and shared commitments: certification makes it clear to the industry what they can expect from PASS and the studios involved.”

The new PASS initiative has the support of the industry’s two largest producers, Aylo and Gamma Films Group.  

"Aylo is heavily invested in the health and well-being of performers," said an Aylo rep. "It is crucial to offer safe, accessible testing for performers and a cohesive system for producers. We are proud to support PASS in its efforts to uphold the highest standards for our industry."

“Gamma Films Group, which includes the Adult Time platform and our portfolio of studio brands, is committed to supporting a cohesive system for performers and producers that will ensure accessible and affordable testing options and a centralized database we can trust," offered Bree Mills, Adult Time’s chief creative officer. "It is our collective responsibility as a production community to put measures in place to take care of each other and part of this solution is to support PASS as our industry’s non-profit organization for health and safety.” 

PASS is a nonprofit governed by a volunteer board of directors including stakeholders from both the industry and public health. PASS guidance related to industry health and safety is created and vetted by experts in infectious disease and occupational health. 

Find more information about the certification program on PASS’s website. PASS invites all studios and production companies to participate in the program; interested parties should send an email to [email protected].