Opening Arguments in Stagliano Obscenity Trial Begin

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Court reconvened at 11:05 this morning in the John Stagliano/Evil Angel obscenity trial. The presiding judge, Richard J. Leon, gave the jury some preliminary instructions describing what would and would not be evidence in the case.

Judge Leon reminded jurors that they should not discuss the case with anyone, nor should they do any research on the case, listen to any television or radio reports, read any news stories or blogs, or blog about the case themselves on the internet.

The prosecution’s opening statement was delivered by Bonnie Hannan, who began, “This case is about crossing the line” and accused the defendant of making adult material available to persons under 18 years of age. She said the material “exceeds the bounds of decency.”

After a brief break, the trial has now begun again. Check back on for more reports later today.