Objections to Gov. Evidence Mark A.M. Session of Stagliano Obscenity Trial

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The second full day of the John Stagliano obscenity trial began with FBI Special Agent Daniel Bradley retaking the witness stand, where he began by describing the scenes from Milk Nymphos which were not shown to the jury yesterday. In response to questions from prosecutor Pamela Satterfield, he proceeded to describe the packaging of Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice—a description which included a one-page insert titled “Evil Empire News.” The prosecution then proceeded to play scene four from that movie, which included Angela Stone, Richelle Ryan and Jay Lassiter engaging in various sexual acts, which included several instances of Angela squirting into Richelle’s mouth, and Richelle gargling the liquid.

However, the morning’s fireworks didn’t begin until Satterfield attempted to introduce into evidence several screen shots from the Evil Angel website, which Agent Bradley had to navigate through to get to the charged trailer for Fetish Fanatic 5.

Defense attorney Paul Cambria, speaking for the defense team, objected to the screen shots because some of them depicted box covers from movies available through Evil Angel, as well as some written descriptions of the sexual acts in those movies, which were not charged as obscene. Cambria argued that the jury might not understand that the depicted box covers and text had nothing to do with the charges against the defendants, and therefore wanted to prevent the jury from seeing them. Cambria also used the opportunity to object to the package insert from Storm Squirters 2, for essentially the same reasons.

Satterfield, however, wanted both exhibits to be shown to the jury because, she said, the material could be considered evidence that the defendants had engaged in pandering the charged movies and trailer under Count 6 of the indictment. She claimed that the material showed that the defendants spent time and effort in marketing the charged movies and the fact that other movies were advertised as well was of no consequence, and that the jury would not be swayed by seeing the extraneous material.

The parties engaged in roughly 30 minutes of argument on the issues. In the end, Satterfield withdrew the packaged insert from consideration, and Judge Richard J. Leon said he would consider the defense objection to the screen shots over the lunch break.

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