Nudists Host Body Freedom Dance in The Castro on Wednesday

SAN FRANCISCO—Nudist activists Gypsy Taub, George Davis and possibly others will stage a nude body freedom dance performance with violin player Erik Hoffman and possibly other musicians at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro (Castro and 17th St) on Wednesday, February 27, at noon. A number of body freedom supporters are expected to be there as well.

If the body freedom activists get arrested or cited, it will be yet another proof that the nudity ban is unconstitutional, which will strengthen their case against the City. Judge Chen gave the nudists till mid-March to come up with new evidence against the nudity ban and to resubmit their complaint against the City of San Francisco to the Federal Court.

On February 17, 2013, the Naked Sword website and director Mr. Pam Gaypornmama filmed a "nudity ban rally" scene for a parody porn film called The Cover Up at Jane Warner Plaza.

Even though a lot of people were naked at the shoot, no arrests were made because the filmmakers had a $200 permit from the City. If the nude dancers get arrested on Wednesday because they couldn’t afford the permit, it will be a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection rights) on top of a violation of the First Amendment.

If no citations are issued and no arrests are made, the body freedom activists will continue having nude dance performances at Jane Warner Plaza on a regular basis.

Come join us! It’s going to be fun as usual!

For more information, surf over to MyNakedTruth.TV or email Gypsy Taub here.

 Pictured: Christian Wilde as Officer Dick with JD Phoenix, Logan Stevens and real nude activist.