'No on Measure B' Sees First Grassroots Support Movements

LOS ANGELES—With the "No on Measure B" campaign less than one week old, adult performers and other industry members are beginning to tweet and update their Facebook pages to reflect their opposition to the forced condom (and dental dam, latex glove, face shield and goggles) initiative proposed by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

One of the more interesting supporters of the "No" campaign is Sean Tompkins' TheRealPornWikiLeaks.com website, which has begun offering T-shirts emblazoned with the "No on Measure B" message, the profits from which, Tompkins says, will be donated to "local advertising" in Los Angeles opposing the ballot measure.

"Measure B, misleadingly titled the 'Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act,' is a law that would mandate condom use on all porn sets, and permit the government to enter private property without a warrant to inspect the genitals of consenting adults," Tompkins stated in a press release. "The measure disregards the fact that the adult industry has the most comprehensive and advanced STI testing program on the  planet, and tries to paint condoms as a 'magic pill' in the prevention of STIs. Proponents of the act claim that it is a 'workplace safety issue,' completely ignoring the performers' ability to decide what they deem safe to participate in."

Tompkins also charged that supporters of Measure B ignore the impact that passage of the measure would have: The exodus of adult production from Los Angeles County northward or southward in-state, though the more likely result would be production moving to Nevada, which appears welcoming to the industry, or even as far away as Europe, where countries like Spain with its 25-plus percent unemployment would welcome the influx of adult production cash.

As James Lee, spokesperson for the "No on Government Waste" campaign, has previously noted, "The real impact is going to be felt in the flight of companies and jobs that leave this area because of this measure and the resulting losses in tax revenue and economic activity. I think people will understand that in a county with 12 percent unemployment, shipping off 10,000 jobs is not a great move for the economy. ... The people of Los Angeles County can think of a lot better uses for the time of first responders, county health inspectors and other government personnel than hanging around an adult film shoot checking for condom usage."

Also, as AVN reported in July, implementing the mandatory condom ordinance along with the infrastructure necessary within the County Department of Public Health to enforce the law will entail start-up costs of at least $580,000, and if the usual course of government projects is any guide, the cost overruns for the Health Department's project could easily reach 10 times that amount.

Tompkins also hopes to enlist adult performers to take part in a "meet and greet" event in October, where county residents can meet adult performers in a neutral setting and talk to them about their thoughts on the measure—and, of course, take photos alongside their favorites.

Beyond that, "We implore everyone associated with the adult industry who resides in L.A. County to register to vote, and make your voice heard," Tompkins wrote. "Your freedom is under attack by special interests and a government that believes you cannot think for yourself and do not have the right to make decisions about your own safety. As an industry, you can band together and demand to be heard. Tell pandering politicians and special interests, 'It’s our bodies, and the choice to use condoms is ours.'"

The anti-Measure B T-shirts are available at the Real Porn WikiLeaks website for $20, though special edition shirts signed by popular stars like Alia Janine and others from agencies like Spiegler Girls, OC Modeling and Digital Playground will also be available for an additional cost—and Tompkins expects just a 36-hour turnaround for all orders.

So now adult industry supporters can wear their politics (or some of them) on their chests, and can help defeat Measure B at the same time! What's the down side to that?

Note: "Adult Wiki Media is not affiliated in any way with the No on Government Waste Committee,  the Free Speech Coalition or any other adult industry organization or company."