Nebraska Age Verification Bill Killed

LINCOLN, Neb.—A proposal before the Nebraska state legislature targeting adult entertainment websites with age verification rules has officially failed. Sen. Dave Murman of Glenvil introduced Legislative Bill (LB) 1092 to the unicameral body in January.

Sen. Murman's bill was met with skepticism when it was put before the Judicial Committee, reports the Lincoln Journal Star.

The Judiciary Committee found the law problematic because there is a lack of trust that adult websites and third-party age verification vendors will adequately protect personal information obtained through age checks. 

The vote failed 2-2, with four members abstaining. During the same committee session, the members killed a proposal that would have prohibited individuals aged 19 years and below from attending drag performances.

Murman, who is considered a far-right lawmaker, can bring the bill again next session.