NBC L.A. Releases Doc on LA Direct Allegations

LOS ANGELES—A long-rumored documentary produced by NBC Los Angeles detailing the various allegations a number of adult performers have made over the past year against talent agency LA Direct Models and its owner, Derek Hay, was posted today on the news outlet's website nbclosangeles.com.

As reported and edited by journalist Dan Przygoda, the 75-minute piece includes interviews with former LAD clients Bunny Colby, Adria Rae, Hadley Viscara and Lydia Dupra (formerly Melina Mason), as well as Adult Performer Advocacy Committee board member, Siouxsie Q, and one-time LAD agent and recently returned director/performer, Lisa Ann. 

The documentary covers the still-pending complaint filed last July by four "Jane Does" with the California Department of Industrial Relations against LAD and Hay, the similar complaint filed with the same department at the beginning of the year by Colby (who at the time was using the stage name Nadya Nabakova)—along with her ultimate victory in the case and numerous audio clips from the hearing—plus the assorted other claims of extortion and manipulation that Rae, Viscara and Dupra have leveled publicly against the agency via social media and other platforms.

Though no one other than those named above appear or are even mentioned in the documentary, a story accompanying it on the NBC L.A. website notes, "NBC spoke to 26 current and former adult film perfomers and other agents who made allegations similar to those contained in the complaints to the labor commissioner. Many said they were afraid to come forward because they feared retaliation."

One notably absent figure is performer Charlotte Cross, who consented to be identified as one of the four "Jane Does" in that case when AVN broke the news of its filing in July. Asked if there was a reason she was not included, Cross told AVN, "I requested not to be. I did not want it to interfere with legal proceedings and I only trusted XXX media to report on the story.

"Although I spoke with Dan on several occassions, I was never really sure what his intentions were," she continued, "and I did not want to be involved with something that could end up like Hot Girls Wanted."

That said, Cross asserted that "after watching the documentary, I think it was well done. However, I will still continue to be cautious about giving interviews to mainstream media outlets, as I always have."

LA Direct's Hay responded to the contents of the documentary today in the form of a video interview. Hay's full video response can be viewed here.

The description of the video posted on Vimeo reads as follows:

"As far back as 18 months ago, LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay knew that the March 14, 2019 hit piece by NBC's Dan Przygoda was coming. Last year, Hay agreed to an on-camera interview for Mr. Przygoda’s report on a ‘Jane Doe’ case filed with the California Labor Commissioner, however Mr. Przygoda refused to accept certain parameters for the interview (the terms Hay requested are detailed in this video).

"Mr. Przygoda went on to send certified letters to Hay’s home and to the home of an employee of LA Direct Models which contained peculiar and sometimes offensive questions unrelated to the Labor Commissioner case that purportedly formed the basis of his report.

"Following this highly unusual and intrusive tactic by Mr. Przygoda, Hay sat down for a nearly hour-long interview October 20 in Las Vegas. He was not shown the questions in advance, and had no editorial control over the video other than his condition that every answer be shown in full.

“Although I’m not agreeable to doing an on camera interview with Mr. Przygoda under his terms,” he said, “I am happy to answer questions on camera where the answers cannot be edited to mean something else."

Hay told AVN Thursday, "I will be recording a second video soon to answer in more depth many of the allegations and testimony in the NBC piece."

Watch the full NBC L.A. documentary here

AVN's Dan Miller contributed to this report.

Image taken from nbclosangeles.com. Pictured clockwise from upper left: Hadley Viscara, Bunny Colby, Derek Hay, Lydia Dupra, Lisa Ann, Adria Rae.