Murder Trial of Felicia Tang Boyfriend on Brief Holiday Recess

MONROVIA, Calif.—The murder trial for the alleged killer of former soft porn model Felicia Tang, who was found dead in her home Sept. 16, is in a brief holiday recess. Her live-in boyfriend, Brian Lee Randone, 45, has been charged with beating and then suffocating the 31-year-old model, whose real name is Felicia Lee. Monday, Lee’s best friend took the stand to testify about their at-times wild lifestyle.

According to Monrovia Patch, “Shannon Donnan, who said she was best friends with Lee for about four years before her death, testified Monday that she and Lee would take the drug GHB together at parties that sometimes lasted for days.

“Randone's attorneys argue that Lee died of a drug overdose,” the article continued, “but the medical examiner who performed her autopsy determined that the 31-year-old was smothered to death.”

Of her friend’s drug use, Donnan said Lee would always take the same “responsible” amount, and liked to dance and sometimes roller-skate while on it.

"She was a goofball naturally and she was even sillier while we were high," said Donnan, who added that she saw Lee much less frequently after she started dating Randone, saying, “It went from her being at my home at least three days a week to not seeing her for three weeks at a time.”

Prosecutors have alleged that an ultimately fatal beating by Randone resulted in the 320 separate blunt force trauma wounds that were found on Lee's body; defense attorneys have argued the wounds were self-inflicted during the violent throes of a drug overdose. 

Testimony will resume Monday.