Monarchy Dist. In Pre-Production On Mainstream Documentary

LOS ANGELES—Monarchy Distribution, one of the industry's leading companies responsible for connecting internet producers with traditional DVD distribution, broadcast and licensing, has thrown its hat into the mainstream world.

Monarchy CEO Mike Kulich announced that the company has begun pre-production on a full-length, big budget documentary entitled "Obscenity Uncensored."

The documentary project will explore obscenity laws, trials, free speech issues, and will contain exclusive interviews with industry vets who have spearheaded obscenity issues and faced the government head on. Monarchy plans to debut the finished film at festivals next year.

"My goal with this film is to show the American people that the moment you censor one thing, it starts a very slippery slope and puts everyone's liberties in jeopardy," said Kulich. "The second the government begins to slap labels on what is obscene and what is not, the foundation of our Constitution and our rights becomes rattled. There are a lot of people who have been victims to government prosecution and have lost everything because some officials and activists feel the need to decide on what is best for others. This project will give those First Amendment heroes the opportunity to tell their story. In addition to being a documentary, it is also a tribute to the people who have fought obscenity, and it will give them the opportunity to tell their stories, and describe how government harassment has affected their lives, and their families."

The project is expected to be released early next year.

Any members of the industry who would like to contribute to the project are encouraged to contact Kulich at [email protected].