Mike South Dismisses Whiteacre Accusations

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Adult industry rabble-rouser Michael Whiteacre stirred up controversy today in the online pornosphere by posting on gossip site TheRealPornWikileaks.com a piece that levels allegations against blogger/producer Mike South of shooting adult content without the use of condoms or industry-acceptable STI testing methods.

Among the charges Whiteacre directed at South in his sensationalistic piece, which can be read in full here, were that South performed in a scene in January for his site StipperFacials.com involving condom-less vaginal and oral sex without providing any test results for himself to his female scene partner; that he has shot multiple scenes for his site SouthernBukkake.com for which the only testing utilized for the male talent was the "OraQuick" oral swab-based home HIV test; and that he even employed one male performer in a bukkake shoot with no test whatsoever, on the basis that said performer "was vouched for by the [female] talent."

The charges by Whiteacre were based on interviews he conducted with performers who alleged that they had worked for South on the shoots in question.

South has long railed on his site MikeSouth.com against the testing protocols implemented by the majority of the industry, and these charges, if true, would seem to fly in the face of the calls he has made many times over for more rigid performer safety practices.

AVN contacted South for a response to these accusations, and while he offered no specific rebuttals to any of them, he did state, "Consider the source ... of course they are without merit but in all honesty I feel no reason to defend myself against someone who is simply clearly trying to libel my good name and reputation to build his own credibility."

In addition, South stressed, "I have an OSHA compliance person on every single one of my sets," and repeated a claim he's made numerous times before: "I have been in this biz for 25 years almost. I have yet to have a SINGLE instance of an STD transmitted on one of my sets ... not a SINGLE one."

This claim, however, is one Whiteacre takes direct issue with in his piece: "[W]ithout a universal testing AND monitoring/surveillance system that could access records of the test results of all performers with whom he worked both before AND AFTER they worked with him, South could not possibly know for certain whether any of his performers had ever contracted an STI."

South's confusion regarding STI tests has been the subject of a previous article.

Pictured l-r: Mike South and Michael Whiteacre (photo of Whiteacre courtesy of his Facebook page).