Meghan McCain Backs Husband's Support of Brandi Love vs. TPUSA

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Conservative commentator and exiting co-host of The View Meghan McCain—daughter of late U.S. Senator John McCain—recently voiced her support for AVN Hall of Famer Brandi Love in regard to Love's having been barred from the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Fla., on July 17.

Responding to an article published by gay news outlet titled "Meghan McCain's huband busted for tweeting at adult film actress," McCain retorted on her own Twitter account: "My husband was tweeting about our friend @brandi_love who was absurdly and cruelly kicked out of @TPUSA for her profession in sex work. She is a has written for @FDRLST and is a great conservative and deserves better. Nice headline trying to insinuate bullshit though."

McCain is married to Ben Domenech, founder and publisher of conservative publication The Federalist, for which Love has in fact written several pieces (and which Queerty characterized in its article as "vehemently anti-LGBTQ"). Domenech, on the day Love announced via Twitter that the organizers of the summit had revoked her pass, posted to the social media site, "I'm disappointed that @TPUSA kicked out @brandi_love for no reason whatsoever. She's a Florida conservative businesswoman who loves America. The right has an opportunity to be the big tent party. Don't be a bunch of prudes."

Of course, that's a tall ask of the crowd in question, as evidenced by the various reactions from them Queerty reprinted, including:

• "There is nothing conservative about pornography." (@aurelius_magnus)
• "Smut peddlers really shouldn't be given high praise. The lady needs to repent and be changed, that she may walk upright, not praised for her ways." (@RupertVonRipp)
• "Pornographers contribute to the degeneration of society and shunning them is right and proper." (@JesseMGolden)
• "I'll continue being a prude, thanks." (@deknightberight)
• "If we can't say pornography is bad, what can we say?" (@mflo918)

Love told her side of the story earlier this week to tabloid outlet The Sun, expressing among other comments that, "My eyes were opened this past week to a group of people who I wish were not associated to MAGA and conservatism." Read the full interview here.