Manwin Sues Again Over Cybersquatting

LOS ANGELES—Seeking protection under the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, Manwin has filed another cybersquatting lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles, this time against 10 John Does it claims have cybersquatted on its YouPorn and Tube8 trademarks. Manwin filed a similar lawsuit in June on behalf of its PornHub and YouPorn tube sites.

"'YouPorn' and 'Tube8' are used by Manwin and its licensees as the names of two popular Internet websites, (the 'YouPorn website') and (the 'Tube8 website')," the complaint reads. "The YouPorn and Tube8 websites are visited by millions of people each day and are among the most popular and most visited websites in the United States.

"Defendants," it adds, "are one or more individuals in the "business" of acquiring and exploiting Internet domain names incorporating well-known trademarks owned by others (a practice known as 'cybersquatting')."

Though the complaint lists 10 Does as defendants, it lists 24 domains that are allegedly cybersquatting using its marks. They are,, youpornnederlandse.corn,,,,,,,,,,, youpornmobile.corn, youpornoz.corn,, youporn-x.corn,,,,,, and

Manwin is seeking $100,000 per alleged infringement, for a total of $2.4 million, plus attorneys fees and any other remedies the court may want to levy.

The complaint can be accessed here.