LELO Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Standard Innovation

Stockholm/ San Jose—LELO announced today that it has filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Northern District of California against Standard Innovation Corporation and its U.S. affiliate, known for its We-Vibe products, for infringement of LELO’s intellectual property rights.

In a statement issued today, the pleasure product manufacturer revealed that is seeking a court order to stop further infringement and sales of We-Vibe products that it charges are infringing on LELO’s patent, and for unspecified damages due to sales of those We-Vibe products.

The statement also indicated that LELO considers Standard Innovation Corporation’s infringement to have been ongoing and that it will hold the company and all involved infringers accountable for past, present and future damages.

Furthermore, LELO made it clear that it will consider naming as defendants in the case any infringing third parties involved in the sale, offer for sale or importation of infringing We-Vibe products in the United States.

According to the release from the company, "LELO will also protect its intellectual property rights worldwide and will consider filing suits against any parties involved in infringing its intellectual property anywhere in the world where it holds or will hold rights."

Distributors and retailers seeking advice on how to proceed at this time can email [email protected].