Lawyers File ‘Notice of Appeal’ in 2257 Federal Lawsuit

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Lawyers for the plaintiffs in Free Speech Coalition v Holder, the 2009 lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of 18 USC §2257, the nation’s federal labeling and record-keeping law, filed a Notice of Appeal today from the July 18 ruling issued by Judge Michael M. Baylson that found mostly in the government’s favor.

“Notice is hereby given that Plaintiffs Free Speech Coalition, Inc.; American Society of Media Photographers, Inc.; Thomas Hymes; Townsend Enterprises, Inc. d.b.a. Sinclair Institute; Barbara Alper; Carol Queen; Barbara Nitke; David Steinberg; Marie L. Levine a.k.a. Nina Hartley; Dave Levingston; Betty Dodson; and Carlin Ross, hereby appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, from the final judgment and order entered in this action on July 18, 2013 (Doc. 229, 230) and from any and all orders made final by the aforementioned judgment,” the notice reads.

It is expected that it will take a while for the case to reach the court of appeals for a ruling. AVN will continue to report on every development in this important case.

The Notice of Filing is available here.