L.A. City Council Amends 'Safer Sex in Adult Film Act'

LOS ANGELES—Today the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to give the county the power to enforce the city's Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act. The ordinance also was amended to include the "language and intent" of Measure B.  

The ordinance now includes language that requires health permit holders to use “barrier protection, including condoms, to shield performers from blood or other potentially infectious material during the production of films.”

The amendment to the ordinance also gives the city the right to collect fees associated with enforcement of the ordinance. 

“The city may charge, or may direct any other person or entity contracting with the city to administer the film permitting process to charge, entertainment industry customers seeking film permits … a fee sufficient to facilitate compliance with, and enforcement of, this section," the ordinance reads. "All such fees shall be submitted to the City Council for its consideration and approval.”   

That said, the city is unaware of the costs associated with enforcing the ordinance, according to outgoing City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who also noted in a memo to the city council that the fees collected must reflect the actual cost of enforcing the Act.   

To take effect, the amended ordinance still needs to be signed into law by the mayor.