Owner Peter Acworth Charged with Cocaine Possession

SAN FRANCISCO—Peter Acworth, the man who started and runs its dungeon and studios in the San Francisco Armory, was arrested earlier this month on charges of possession of cocaine and delaying an investigation.

Officer Albie Esparza, a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department, told AVN that police were initially called to the Armory the evening of Feb. 1 after receiving a report of possible gunshots.

“Someone apparently heard shots being fired and then a video was posted on a social media site that showed guns being fired inside,” Esparza said. “They were concerned and called in the report.”

Esparza said police arrived and were initially delayed entry into the building, which eventually led to the charge against Acworth of delaying an investigation.

Esparza said police did eventually gain access and found evidence that weapons in the building but couldn’t prove that anyone fired them inside, therefore no weapons charges were filed.

“When [Mr. Acworth] was booked and searched, officers found on his person a substance believed to be cocaine,” Esparza said.

It was not immediately clear when Acworth would appear in court on the charges.

Attempts to contact officials at Kink were unsuccessful as of post time.

AVN will update the story as more details become available.