Killer Sues to Get Adult Mags in Prison

UPPER HUTT, New Zealand—A convicted murderer in New Zealand who will not be eligible for parole until 2026 has filed a civil action demanding to be allowed to access to adult magazines.

Stephen Thomas Hudson, 38, was convicted of murdering a cohort in his illegal drug business. The victim’s body was never found. After he was sentenced for the crime, a recounted Hudson’s violent tendencies and his many previous run-ins with the police, including successful escapes from jail.

Now imprisoned for many years, Hudson is continuing to torture public officials by claiming that prison officials have “breached principles of free expression” by not allowing prisoners access to an array of magazines.

In addition to complaining that a Cosmopolitan magazine was inappropriately removed from his cell, he is also insisting that the official list of banned periodicals also violates the above-mentioned principle.

According to, “As well as magazines Playboy and Penthouse, and the New Zealand porn mag NZX, [Hudson] says Loaded (whose motto is, ‘For men who should know better’), and Ralph (for the fun-loving male with a fine appreciation of good-looking women), have been banned.

“High Times magazine, advocating legalization of marijuana, Martial Arts, Boxing, and Hunting and Tattoo, are also out.

“Others on the banned list are music magazines Rap Pages, Urban Hitz and Ozone, motorcycle magazines Easy Rider and Live to Ride, which feature scantily clad women and motorbikes, fashion and pop culture magazine Men's Style and Men's Health.”

Hudson claims he is innocent of the murder.

A court date on the current case has not yet been set.