Judge Orders 'Buckwild' Sex Tape Destroyed

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va.—The world will not get to see Shae Bradley and Jessie Johnson of MTV's Buckwild get ... um, buck wild.

In a Kanawha County courtroom Monday, Judge Tod Kauffman ordered Johnson to destroy the alleged sex tape of himself and Bradley he had reportedly been shopping around to porn studios, according to local ABC affiliate WCHS.

Johnson represented himself in the hearing, and admitted to threatening to release the sex tape in order to "ruin [Bradely's] life."

The hearing was not for any criminal charges, but concerned the injunction Bradley filed asking for the tape's release to be stopped.

Bradley claimed he'd already burned the tape three days earlier after finding out he was being taken to court over it.

Picture of Shae Bradley and Jessie Johnson courtesy of MTV.