Judge Issues TRO Barring Distribution of J-Lo Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES—The judge in the case apparently agrees that this is one celebrity sex tape lawsuit filed in earnest. On Monday, Los Angeles Superior Court judge James Chalfant issued a temporary restraining order barring Ojani Noa, the ex-husband of actress Jennifer Lopez, from distributing a movie he is peddling in Hollywood that apparently contains racy footage of the couple taken during their 1997 honeymoon.

Lopez filed the $10 million lawsuit Friday against Noa, whom she was married to for only 11 months, accusing him breaching a prior confidentiality agreement by shopping around a proposed movie called "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story," which features home video that purportedly contains sexual situations shot in their hotel room during the honeymoon.

According to ABC News, Noa, who works as a chef and model, showed up to the hearing Monday without an attorney, but was not deterred by the judge's ruling.

"I'm going to fight this," he said. The hearing resumes Tuesday, when the judge will decide whether or not to extend the TRO.

This is not the first legal tussle between Lopez and Noa. In 2004, Noa sued Lopez and won a $125,000 settlement after claiming she fired him without cause from her Pasadena restaurant, which has since closed. As part of the settlement, he agreed not to disparage her or sell private or intimate details about her or their relationship.

Three years later, in another apparent violation of the confidentiality agreement, Lopez won $545,000 in a lawsuit that blocked Noa from publishing a ghostwritten tell-all book. The actress further claimed he tried to extort $5 million from her to keep him from publishing the book.

Lopez, 40, also was married to choreographer Cris Judd for nine months in 2001. She married singer/songwriter Marc Anthony in 2004 and has two children with him.