Judge Grants Motion to Dismiss FSC's 2257 & 2257A Lawsuit

PHILADELPHIA—The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has just issued an announcement stating that District Court Judge Michael M. Baylson today granted the government’s motion to dismiss in FSC’s 2257 and 2257A lawsuit. The 112-page decision comes nearly 10 months after FSC’s initial filing.

“We are disappointed but not surprised,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “We could tell at the onset that this judge was going to be a challenge.”

FSC and its attorneys are reviewing the decision and will comment further on the decision later this week. 

“We’ve known all along that the District courts would be a challenge, as they are staffed with Bush appointees.” Duke continued. “Our next option is an appeal at the Circuit Court level. We are in the 3rd Circuit—an optimal circuit for our appeal.”

The decision can be read here.