John Sues Sunset Thomas for Failure to Render Services

LAS VEGAS—A disgruntled patron of famed porn star/prostitute Sunset Thomas filed a small-claims complaint against her May 31 in Las Vegas Township Justice Court for not delivering upon the sexual services for which he says he had shelled out $2,200.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the plaintiff, Robert J. Proffitt, has charged Thomas with refusing to provide agreed-upon sexual services during two separate visits he made to her at her resident base of operations, the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, 45 miles west of Las Vegas.

Thomas, who roundly denies Proffitt's charges, is scheduled to appear today with her husband/agent Kent Wallace in Las Vegas Justice Court to answer the complaint.

"This is the craziest thing ever," Thomas told the Sun. "I have never refused sex with my clients. Never, ever. That's not me. Never."

Thomas went on to say that Proffitt had visited her at the Chicken Ranch 18 or 19 times and laid out close to $20,000 all told for those visits. The Sun also spoke with Chicken Ranch manager Judy Neal, who described Proffitt as "very unique" and a client who had become "obsessed" with Thomas.

"It got to be nerve-wracking," Thomas said. "I got to be scared, afraid, like I was being stalked."

The Sun was unable to reach Proffitt for comment.

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