John Edwards’ Ex-Mistress Seeks to Suppress ‘Personal Video’

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C.—Rielle Hunter, the woman who engaged in an extramarital affair and subsequently gave birth to a child with former senator and presidential contender John Edwards, has obtained a restraining order against former Edwards assistant Andrew Young that seeks to prevent the release of a “personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature.” The video in question is believed to be the now infamous Edwards sex tape.

In an affidavit dated Jan. 27, the 45-year-old Hunter says that the footage was shot in September 2006, but was supposed to be destroyed that December, implying that the decision to destroy it was made by both her and Edwards, with whom she admits to being in an “intimate relationship” at the time.

“However, because I was concerned that persons seeking information about my activities were or could be searching my trash, I decided to instead store the remains of the miniDV tape in a hatbox in which I also stored other personal items in order to maintain possession and control over the Video. I did not take any actions that would obliterate the contents of the tape itself. I never intended the Video to be displayed to any third party. Consistent with that, I have never displayed the Video to anyone. I never displayed the Video to any person.”

Instead, she claims, the tape was confiscated by Young sometime in 2007 or 2008 from a residence at the Governor’s Club in North Carolina to which he had access. Hunter shared a residence in Santa Barbara, Calif., with Young and his family in 2008, according to Hunter, and says the Youngs also had access to Hunter’s residence in North Carolina, which they were renting for her.

“I learned the video recordings were missing in September or October of 2008, in conjunction with a move of my personal belongings. I have not authorized either Andrew Young or [his wife] Cheri Young at any time to take possession of any of the three video recordings, nor did I ever provide the Youngs with a copy. Andrew Young has claimed publicly to have taken my ‘mangled tape,’ altered its condition and to be in possession of the Video.”

Hunter asserts that Young also took personal photographs of hers, and that he “is presently engaged in efforts to sell the Video or a copy of the Video to others, and that various media outlets and other sources are attempting to acquire the Video from Young.”

She also says that she has, through counsel, “asked for Andrew Young to return any and all photographs and video tape materials. Andrew Young has not done so.”

Young, she claims, is seeking to create as much publicity as possible in anticipation of the publication of his new book, The Politician.

The affidavit can be read here.