Jimmy Lifestyles Makes Statement Addressing Emma Hix Accusations

CYBERSPACE—WankzVR director Jimmy Lifestyles posted an over 10-minute long video to Twitter early Tuesday morning in which he offers apologies to performers Emma Hix and Emma Starletto for actions he took during a shoot Sunday evening that both women claim they did not consent to before the scene commenced.

Hix originally took to Twitter after leaving the set Sunday night to relate her account of what had taken place in a series of videos that did not identify Lifestyles. She soon did name him, however, following calls from a number of other performers to out the director in question. A debate then ensued between Lifestyles and Hix on the social media platform that continued into Monday morning about whether the director had overstepped the line of consent during the shoot, with Starletto—Hix's co-star in the scene—joining in to corroborate Hix's claims.

Those claims were that Lifestyles, who appeared in the scene in a non-sex role as a leprechaun, licked both girls between their buttocks in what was supposed to be a softcore shot of them putting their behinds in his face. 

In the video posted this morning, Lifestyles says, "I've reached out to the agents involved; the girls I've apologized [to] for my horrible communication on the day of the shoot in question with Emma Hix and Emma Starletto. It was a bad, bad choice, a mistake indeed."

He goes on to say, "Moving forward, I'm going to clean up the way I approach things. ... I had no idea that my approach to shooting porn was having a negative effect on people to the point to where they didn't want to shoot with us anymore. .... This day, the day in question, I took things too far. ... I got in the 'mode' because I have done scenes and that one, you know, seconds of the day just shattered a whole repuatation, and that shouldn't happen. That's irresponsible on my part. ... Please accept my deepest apologies, Emma Hix, Emma Starletto. It was a moment that I can't take back, and it was a bad decision, and let's try to move on. Anyone looking to shoot with us in the future, just know that I'm not going to put you in that situation. I'm going to retire myself from being any sort of talent in the scenes and yeah, let's just make good porn, everybody. Let's get back to work."

Hix retweeted Lifestyles' video with the comment, "Thank you, an apology is all I wanted. The act itself upset me, but you not apologizing, taking responsibility and listening to how I felt when I confronted you was really what hurt me, and which is why I resorted to Twitter to feel heard. So thank you for apologizing."

Approximately an hour later, Hix posted, "To make this clear; I appreciate the apology & thank him for saying it, but I do not forgive him. I would not have gotten the apology if i didn't post on twitter. An apology is a big step, but it doesn't always make everything go away. Just to make things clear."

See Lifestyles' full video below:

Photo of Emma Hix by Chris King/@ReelSeduction.