If You Can't Get Naked in SF Tomorrow, The Terrorists Have Won

SAN FRANCISCO—We've been covering the various "Nude-In" events here over the past several months, even before County Board of Supervisors member Scott Weiner managed to get his anti-nudity ordinance passed. But in the seven months since that ordinance went into effect, there haven't been a lot of nude protests against it, although opponents of the law did stage one shortly after a lawsuit was filed to overturn the ban, but that's been about it... until now, and we're less than sure how many will show up for it, considering its theme.

"Nine-eleven was orchestrated and carried out by a small group of people in the US government," wrote protest organizer Gypsy Taub in a press release. "The ever increasing amount of evidence that points to the US government involvement in the events of 9-11 is truly overwhelming.

"About 5 years ago I created my TV series called My Naked Truth where I interview people nude about politics, religion, culture and many other subjects," she continued. "I went on public television naked to draw attention to the fact that 9-11 was an inside job. That is how my TV series was born and that is how I became a nudist activist."

That stance puts her in some interesting company, including former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, outspoken liberal actors Janeane Garafalo, Ed Asner and Rosie O'Donnell, porn star aficionado (and actor) Charlie Sheen, former senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel, Fox Newsmonkey Lou Dobbs, author Gore Vidal and dozens (if not hundreds) of others—though to be fair, many simply believe there's more to the story than the official government report, and have called for further investigation.

But that's not Taub's stance.

"On September 11th, I want to protest against the shadow government that orchestrated 9-11 and lied to the American people and the rest of the world about what really happened on that day," she declared. "I want to protest against politicians who glorify war and at the same time criminalize the human body. I want to protest against fascism in all its ugly expression—from its sexual oppression to its false flag operations, from its criminalization of the human body to its illegal heartless wars against our defenseless brothers and sisters overseas. On September 11, I want to protest against Big Brother who orchestrated 9-11 and who is now attempting to throw people in jail for taking their clothes off.

"Nudity has often been used as a means to draw attention to a political message," she noted. "The beauty of the human body in its most natural form is so appealing to people that it has become a political threat to the system of hypocrisy and oppression."

So whether you're a "9-11 Truther" or not, if you're up for taking your clothes off in protest—or if, while still dressed, you just want to support the idea that people should be able to go nude in public pretty much anywhere they want, then San Francisco City Hall at high noon tomorrow is where you'll want to be!