If You Can't Believe a Censorship Group, Who Can You Believe?

JESUSLAND—It seems like just last week (August 1, to be exact) that we told you about Morality in Media's alleged money woes, about how "our donations have all but stopped," and "The surplus that we had on July 1 is now gone," and about how "All projects must stop soon so we can seek the desperate funding needed at this time. I am sorry to report that, but it is true."

Or is it? AVN is in receipt of a snail-mail from MiM dated July 17, just two weeks before the above-alleged near-bankruptcy, where in MiM President Patrick Trueman begins, "I have two good announcements. First, Morality in Media ended its fiscal year on June 30 in the black and with a surplus to put wind in our sails for this coming fiscal year."

Whaaa? So the "surplus" that would "put wind in our sails for this coming fiscal year" disappeared in just two weeks??? Wouldn't that require incredible mismanagement of funds or possibly someone pilfering the organization's bank account? How else to explain it... unless Trueman and associate Dawn Hawkins used the cash to pay themselves big bonuses? We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that they're incredibly incompetent at their jobs. See if you can find anything strange about this excerpt from yesterday's begging email from Dawn Hawkins:

"In addition to the financial blessings, other good things are happening too: ...

"I just found out that on Friday a pornographer was convicted IN LOS ANGELES (of all places!) of violating federal obscenity (hardcore pornography) laws by selling movies depicting bestiality and extreme fetishes. As you know, the current administration will not enforce these laws at all. This case was left over from the Bush administration and is proof that these laws are still important! Can you imagine what our society would be like if the Justice Department would just enforce the existing obscenity laws?? This conviction motivates me to continue our aggressive campaigns calling on our leaders to enforce the laws. Last week, we started a petition to the President about this."

Are these people stupid? Don't they even talk to their friends at the Justice Department's obscenity unit (where Trueman used to work)? Isn't it their job to keep up on what's happening in the porn world regarding obscenity prosecutions, especially one as high profile as Ira Isaacs'? Isn't this something they should have been cheering when it actually happened more than three months ago on April 27???  The only thing that would have been recently reported in whatever media they do read would be that Isaacs was supposed to be sentenced this week, though that was postponed by the judge without explanation. We know they read AVN.com, so how could they have missed it?

Unless, of course, they're just incredibly incompetent... and if so, why would even the most die-hard religious conservative give them a single dime from here on out?

And gee, does that also mean they're lying when they claimed, in that same email, that "One of our websites was attacked and it seemed the pornographers were attacking our Facebook page"?

Just askin'...