Idaho Govenor Poised to Sign AV Bill After Senate Passage

BOISE, Idaho—Idaho is poised to become the next U.S. state to implement an age verification statute targeting adult websites.

Lawmakers in the Idaho Senate voted unanimously last week to adopt House Bill (HB) 498, which was proposed by Republican state Reps. Elaine Price and Julianne Young.

The House of Representatives unanimously adopted the measure on February 14, as AVN reported at the time.

The bill is awaiting final transmission to Republican Gov. Brad Little's office. He is expected to sign it into law.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cook has reintroduced legislation that would require mobile device manufacturers and retailers to enable the pre-installed parental controls on devices that could be used by minors, regardless of who actually owns the device in question.
Action on Cook's bill has yet to be taken in the House.