<i>Penthouse</i> and <i>Hustler</i> Courting Spitzer Call Girl

NEW YORK — Both Penthouse and Hustler magazines are banging down the door of 22-year-old Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the woman who rendered the illicit services to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer that have toppled him from his post, according to an Associated Press report.

Said Hustler publisher Larry Flynt of the magazine's designs on Dupre, "We've been looking at that very closely. She's young. She's pretty. She's a model. We would love to do business with her, and we will approach her."

Penthouse president and publisher Diane Silberstein said that although the publication had been unsuccessful in making contact with Dupre as of this afternoon, she would "love to have her in the magazine," possibly even as a cover model.

"She sounds like a very interesting and talented young woman," said Silberstein, "and I'm sure she has a great story to tell. We promise to make it worth her while."

Dupre, a native of New Jersey, was identified Wednesday by The New York Times as the escort whose call with Spitzer was secretly monitored by the FBI. No charges have yet been filed against Spitzer or Dupre, and she has remained mute about the encounter while it is being investigated.

Flynt remarked that when Dupre does begin talking, her story may be too huge for a mere magazine spread.

"She is no doubt going to do a book," Flynt said. "There will probably be a movie. I think she is going to have so many offers coming in that it will probably be wishful thinking just to get in the door."