Hearings in Measure B Lawsuit Postponed

LOS ANGELES—Those who were planning to attend the hearing where the attorneys for Vivid Entertainment LLC, Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce would argue for a preliminary injunction against enforcement by Los Angeles County of mandatory-barrier-protection Measure B will have to wait an extra week for the festivities.

Under a stipulation between attorneys for the Plaintiffs and the LA County Defendants—but, interestingly, not the recently-admitted Intervenors affiliated with AIDS Healthcare Foundation—the date for hearing the Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction has been moved from June 24 to July 1, and will take place in Judge Dean D. Pregerson's courtroom at 312 N. Spring Street in downtown LA.

Judge Pregerson's Order, which was issued this morning, also requires that any amicus brief or other filing in support of the Motion be filed by June 3—its original due date was May 13—while the hearing for the Intervenors' Motion to Dismiss the Complaint has been set for July 1, and any "response or opposition" to that Motion be filed by May 29, while the official due date for a Reply to such opposition must be filed by June 17. The requirement that the Intervenors' Motion to Dismiss the Complaint (unless the parties can work out their differences in settlement talks) be filed by May 10 appears unchanged.