Government to Rest Case Tomorrow A.M. in Stagliano Obscenity Trial

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After calling just two witnesses—an FBI agent and a member of the Los Angeles vice squad—the prosecution in the John Stagliano obscenity case announced that it would be resting its case Friday morning without calling a third witness that had reportedly been on its witness list: reportedly, an employee of

There is one matter yet to be resolved: a discrepancy regarding what FBI Special Agent Daniel Bradley testified to about instructions he allegedly receivedl ast week from prosecutor Pamela Satterfield to review the charged movies, Milk Nymphos and Storm Squirters 2, in preparation for his testimony at trial.

After that issue is resolved, the government will rest and the defense will likely make a “Rule 29” motion for a directed verdict of acquittal. If Judge Richard J. Leon denies that motion, the defense is expected to begin its case tomorrow afternoon.

Check back on for more on the afternoon’s proceedings later today. Click here for an earlier story on the Judge Richard J. Leon's dismissal of two of the counts in the indictment.