Goat Kicks Strip Club

COACHELLA, Calif.—No one really knows what got the goat’s goat, but something did and the surveillance cameras caught the destructive results. Over the weekend, a 150-pound goat smashed two large glass doors at the Lynx Gentlemen's Club in Coachella, wreaking about $2,000 in damages.

"I would never believe it if I didn't see it myself," owner Hank Piecura told the Desert Sun. "It must have been mesmerized by its reflection in the door, so it rammed it." Maybe, or maybe the motive was something more…complicated.

Goats have two things on their minds—females and eating,” Rachel Ledoux, owner of goat farm Rancho Buena Vista in Whitewater, said, adding that ramming a door also is unusual behavior. "They're the gentlest little creatures," she said.

The club was closed at the time of the attack, however, and the goat was not a regular customer, so it’s unlikely this is a case of a lovelorn goat. But self-love, or hate, is not out of the question.

According to Piecura, the goat was hanging around Friday and was chased away, only to return Saturday. The surveillance tape revealed that after staring at its reflection in the doors for hours, the goat reared up on its hind legs and smacked the doors repeatedly until he smashed the glass.

The club plans to open later this week. No word on where the goat came from or where it went after the attack.