Giuliani Says Trump Paid Back Cohen for $130K Stormy Payment

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a one-on-one interview with Fox New host Sean Hannity, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers said the president had repaid his personal lawyer Michael Cohen the $130,000 in hush money given to Stormy Daniels.

Rudy Giuliani was a guest on the talk show Wednesday night and the former federal prosecutor and mayor of New York said the money was “funneled through a law firm, and the president repaid it.”

The money was paid to Stormy Daniels just days before the 2016 general election, and was meant to ensure her silence about an alleged affair she had with Trump a decade earlier. Daniels has since sued to be released from the non-disclosure agreement that the payoff was meant to secure, arguing that Trump never signed the contract, making it unenforceable.

Just last month, Trump denied knowing anything about the payment. Cohen has insisted he made the payment himself, without Trump’s knowledge.

Giuliani went on to say the payment was “perfectly legal.”

“That money was not campaign money; sorry, I’m giving you a fact now that you don’t know,” he said to the right-wing host. “It’s not campaign money; no campaign finance violation.”

Whether the payoff was from Trump's campaign funds or not, the non-disclosure agreement was meant to keep the news of the Daniels affair from affecting his presidential campaign, so it's unclear if in paying the money, Cohen and his client Trump committed any campaign law violations.

He also said Trump did know the specifics of the payment, but knew of the general arrangement that “Michael would take care of things like this.”

Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump was delayed on April 27 for 90 days after Cohen filed an affidavit with the court saying he plans to take the Fifth if he is forced to answer questions about the payment. Read more about that here on