FSC Offers Member Discount On 2257 Record-Keeping Software

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - The Free Speech Coalition has partnered with ZEI Pty. Ltd. to offer FSC members a discount on ZEI's 2257 record-keeping software.

The ZEI 2257 software allows the user to create and manage 2257 records in an electronic database. The standard program maintains paperwork in full compliance with government requirements; a deluxe Enterprise edition offers additional options such as revision tracking and unlimited storage.

ZEI put the software through a complete legal review during development. Clients who have vouched for the system include Larry Flynt and other recognized industry leaders.

“FSC appreciates the generosity ZEI Pty Ltd is demonstrating to our members by providing them with a cost-effective means of meeting onerous 2257 record-keeping obligations until such time as 2257 regulations can be changed,” said Scott L. Lowther, FSC’s Director of Membership.  “We don’t agree with the DOJ’s recently-released, proposed rules and regulations, but we recognize that our members must comply with the law until it is modified.  Let’s face it – FSC exists to protect and support its members and the industry.  Litigation is one way as a means of last resort.  Providing tools to help member businesses comply with legislation, especially burdensome laws like 2257, is another.”

Through the non-exclusive agreement between ZEI and FSC, new customers who belong to the coalition will receive a "substantial discount" on both versions of the licensed software.

“We wholeheartedly support FSC in its leadership role in battling 2257 legislation on behalf of its members," said ZEI rep DJ Batts. "FSC is taking the U.S. Government to task, much as David would fight Goliath, and is making important strides in that regard.  In the meantime, the industry has a need for excellent record-keeping software that helps both small and large adult businesses keep the necessary documents, in accordance with current guidelines.  Our product, ZEI2257, meets that need, and we offer this discount to FSC members as our way of supporting FSC’s members and FSC itself as they continue the good fight.”

For more information, FSC members may contact FSC at (818) 348-9373, or visit www.zei2257.com.