FSC Launches 2257 Public Comment Campaign

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - The Free Speech Coalition has launched a campaign to solicit adult industry participation during the public comment period for proposed changes to the 2257 record-keeping law.

The Department of Justice released the proposed rules and regulations on July 12 and will accept input on the law through Sept. 10, 2007. Today, FSC published a "2257 Guide for Public Comment" designed to educate the adult industry on how to respond during the public comment period.

"Government regulations must not pose an undue burden on the industry they regulate," said Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition Executive Director. "The Department of Justice has taken the position that the burden 2257 imposes on the industry is 'negligible'. It is up to us to prove otherwise."

An FSC press release reminds adult industry members, "The current regulations are just proposals; therefore, they have no force of law at this time. They merely represent the current thinking of this administration. After the public comment period, the Department of Justice reviews comments and then issues final regulations with an effective date. The process typically takes many months.

Unless the proposed regulations are radically changed in ways more favorable to the adult entertainment industry, FSC intends to seek a court order preventing implementation of the proposed "final" regulations after they are announced, but prior to the effective date."

"Full industry participation in the public comment period is critical," Duke said. "Failure to speak up now is tantamount to agreeing with the DOJ's assessment of 2257's burden on the industry. If the Department of Justice disregards our input, at the very least, we will have built a solid foundation for our next phase of litigation."

The "2257 Guide for Public Comment" will be posted on FSC's website by Monday, July 30, along with answers to frequently asked questions about the proposed regs. Both documents will also be included in next week's X-Press e-newsletter as a service to FSC members.