Free Speech Coalition Releases 2023 Annual Report

CYBERSPACE—Following an intensive year of age-verification legislation, court challenges, and Congressional hearings, Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has released its 2023 annual report.

This comprehensive report offers a thorough look into the FSC's activities, achievements and initiatives throughout the past year. 

Key highlights of the 2023 annual report include:

1. Advocacy Impact: Explore the FSC's instrumental role in advocating for banking fairness, sane age verification policy, and sex worker rights.

2. Community Engagement: Learn about the initiatives undertaken by the FSC to provide tools and resources to individuals and businesses within the adult entertainment and pleasure products sectors.

3. Educational Outreach: Discover how the FSC extended its efforts to educate stakeholders and influencers outside the industry, raising awareness and dispelling misconceptions about who we are and what we do.

4. Alliance Building: Explore the partnerships formed by the FSC as part of its commitment to collaboration, cooperation, and building bridges with allies and external organizations that share common goals.

The release of the 2023 annual report is part of FSC's ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and advocacy within the adult industry.

To access the full report, visit