Former Manager Sues Adult Chain for Wrongful Termination

PORTLAND, Ore. – An ex-general manager of an adult store has taken legal action against his former employer for wrongful termination. According to a recent report, Denny O’Neil’s lawsuit alleges that he was fired from Fantasy for Adults Only, in part, because he objected to employees having sex with customers and refused the owner's request that he fire certain employees with AIDS.

Fantasy and its parent company, Oregon Entertainment Corp., operate six stores in the Portland area and two stores in Montana.

O’Neil, who was fired in February, is accusing the company of discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation and breach of contract in violation of state and federal laws, according to The Oregonian.

Among O’Neil’s allegations are claims that company owner Tracy Blakeslee and his domestic partner, a general manager, had encouraged O'Neil to hire a prostitute and expense the cost, as well as fire certain employees with AIDS to save on health insurance costs. O’Neil called his time at the store a “constant barrage of sexual discussion.”

The lawsuit is seeking $2.7 million in lost wages and damages.

“It's very unfortunate that this individual, who was given the opportunity of a lifetime to perform for a world-class company and failed to do so, has himself elected to retaliate for his own poor performance in this matter,” Bradley J. Woodworth, attorney for the company, told The Oregonian.