Florida Killer Amanda Logue to Serve 40 Years in Plea Deal

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla.—Former adult performer Amanda Logue (pictured) appeared in a Florida courtroom Monday morning, where she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as part of a deal that will net her 40 years in a Florida prison for her role in the May 2010 premeditated slaying of Dennis "Scooter" Abrahamsen, a 41-year-old tattoo shop owner who was bludgeoned to death by Jason Andrews (pictured), another former adult performer who was Logue's boyfriend at the time. Logue and Andrews planned the murder and robbery, which took place following a sex party in Abrahamson's Hudson, Florida home, at which Logue had been hired to perform. The homicidal lovers even exchanged text messages in the time-period leading up to the killing that outlined what they planned to do.

To avoid the death penalty, Andrews pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in January of this year in exchange for a life sentence. Logue, who used to perform as Sunny Dae, was also originally charged with first-degree murder but allowed to accept the lesser charge as part of the deal.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Abrahamson's cousin addressed Logue during the hearing, telling her she did not deserve the reduced sentence. "You're not a person," she said, adding that only an evil person would have "planned and schemed to kill my cousin."

As AVN has reported, it did not take long for police to narrow their search for the killers in the aftermath of the May 16, 2010 killing. According to a sheriff's report, $6,000 had been taken from Abrahamsen's home, as well as a laptop computer, a video camera, a digital camera and a Home Depot credit card, which was subsequently used by Andrews. In fact, the hapless killer was arrested the day after the crime for shoplifting, but because the police had not yet connected him to the crime was released from custody.

Logue, who was actually married with children while she was scheming with Andrews, returned to her home in Georgia after the crime, where police tracked her down in June. "Police interviewed Logue in her Georgia home, where she admitted to having a role in the killing," AVN reported at the time. "She said, however, that her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, was responsible for the actual murder, saying he had entered Abrahamsen’s home after the other couple had left but while she was still there."

By June 15, Logue was in custody for the murder but Andrews, who was then 26, was still on the lam, a warrant for his arrest having been issued by Florida authorities. July 15, a month to the day after the warrant was issued, Andrews "was finally tracked down by U.S. Marshals and the Chattanooga Police Department at an upscale pool hall and cigar lounge in Tennessee, where he had been working for several weeks as a manager."

Almost two years later, each has pleaded guilty to the brutal and senseless murder that was also a case study in criminal stupidity.

In the aftermath of the news of Logue's plea deal, industry members were weighing in on an industry chat board. "I shot this girl," wrote one. "Totally normal, sweet girl. Southern accent. Great body. Great attitude. I would say she was actually more normal than most of the girls I shoot. I guess ya never know."

Photo: Jason Andrews and Amanda Logue