Feds Spend Second Day at HotMovies Offices

PHILADELPHIA—For a second day, federal agents were at the offices of National A1 Advertising, parent company of HotMovies.com, according to local news reports.

Local ABC affiliate WPVI correspondent John Rawlins reported on camera from in front of the HotMovies building on 7th Street, where during the day state troopers guarded the front of the building while federal agents continued their investigation inside.

“Well, there were a lot agents here yesterday, there are still a few around here; that’s the amazing thing, this keeps going on,” he reported. “These agents still in control of this building behind me here, this City Center building; they arrived yesterday morning with their subpoenas, and they have yet to leave.”

In a voiceover over video showing agents carrying large boxes out of the building, Rawlins, continued, “Sources tell Action news this raid part of an ongoing investigation by authorities in Central Pennsylvania that began with a state police probe of an escort service there, and alleged prostitution. The U.S. Attorney’s office Harrisburg office had no comment today when asked if it was directing the raid.”

The video report also contains comments by AVN president Paul Fishbein, who spoke in support of National A1 owner, Richard Cohen, saying, “[He] runs his business like any other business, legally.”

AVN will continue to cover this story as it develops.