FBI Inspects Gentlemen's Video 2257 Records

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - FBI agents visited the offices of Gentlemen's Video on Thursday to inspect the company's 2257 record keeping.

"They picked about 15 movies, and we were compliant on everything," Gentlemen's Video President Michael Esposito said. "We're lucky that our movies only have three to four scenes in them compared to other companies that maybe have seven or eight. We've had our records pretty well in order and we just cooperated with them. They were out of here in about four hours."

Esposito continued, "We passed with flying colors. They gave us a suggestion on how to make it easier if in the future if we ever get inspected again. It was relatively quick and painless. We were cooperating. They were nice. And it was all relatively newer stuff they were looking for; there were only one or two titles that were 2257 exempt."

The stop was the latest in a series of random inspections the FBI has conducted over the past year as it continues to check on adult companies' compliance with the regulations.

In June, FBI special agent Chuck Joyner indicated that the Bureau planned to conduct at least one inspection of an adult company every two weeks for the foreseeable future. As of late June, the FBI had already inspected the 2257 record-keeping of 19 companies.