Fabian Thylmann Released From Pre-trial Detention in Germany

COLOGNE, GermanyDie Welt is reporting that Fabian Thylmann has been released from pre-trial detention in Germany. he was arrested earlier this month in Belgium after a warrant was issued by a German court on suspicion of tax evasion.

"Mr Thylmann has deposited a security deposit in the double-digit million range and committed himself to strict registration requirements," said Ulrich Bremer, a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office in Cologne.

The paper adds that he decision to release the Manwin managing partner was made Thursday evening, and that if Thylmann, who is married with two children, decides to return to his home in Belgium in the period before a possible trial on charges reportedly related to tax evasion, he will have to surrender his passport.

"The public prosecutor's office and the court believe that the exclusive purpose of pre-trial detention, namely the implementation of ordered criminal proceedings against the accused... has been achieved," added Bremer (with help from Bing translator).