DVD Blunder: Teacher Accidentally Gives Her Sex Tape To Kids

SACRAMENTO — The Elk Grove Unified School District is no stranger to controversy, having been the petitioner in Supreme Court case five years ago about whether having students recite "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was an "establishment of religion."

But the district — in particular, the Isabelle Jackson Elementary School therein — finds itself in the news again, this time because one of its 5th grade teachers, Crystal Defanti, accidentally included video footage of a man performing cunnilingus on her on a DVD which she'd distributed to her students at the end of the school year.

The disk was ostensibly a retrospective of the class's school trips and other activities over the past year, but when one menu item was clicked, it began showing the class sharing stories of their experiences with each other, but suddenly switched to the scene of Defanti being pussy-licked.

When one parent called Defanti to inquire about the XXX-rated footage, she reportedly started crying and began calling her other students' homes to beg their parents not to watch the disk, and to return them to Defanti for replacement. The school's principal Martin Fine also sent a letter to the parents asking them to return the offending disks, and reminding them that, "no copies should be made or distributed as it is a violation of privacy rights."

The incident is still under investigation, but Torrey Johnson, a spokesperson for the school district, told the Modesto Bee that the inclusion of the images appeared to have been inadvertent, which might mean a simple reprimand rather than dismissal of the teacher.

Plus, seeing the sexual footage on the disk apparently inspired one father to have a "birds and bees" talk with his son.